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Second Tuesday Conference Call
Hosted by Somebody Cares, Tampa Bay
January 11, 2005
Guest:  Terry Teykl
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Glenn Barth hosted this call, welcoming callers and guest Terry Teykl.  Glenn opened the time with prayer.  
Glenn described Terry as “a great leader in our time in pastoral renewal and prayer.”  He recalled the influence Terry had in his personal life, and the encouragement he received while pastoring a church in Muncie, IN, a church in Minnesota and now with Mission America. Terry helps pastors and Christian leaders in personal prayer and in praying with others for their cities.
Glenn recalled an earlier book Terry wrote which summarized a lot of what he had been teaching, Blueprint for the House of Prayer.   He asked Terry for an update:  Where has the Lord taken you with Renewal Ministries and your seminars?  
’I’ve just written The Presence-Based Church  - a new message for the church.  We have developed a new prayer ministry, World Methodist Prayer Team with Methodist ministries and congregations.  What God seems to be saying is that He wants people to worship more fervently outside Sunday morning church services.  

 When you do seminars now, who is your main focus?  
Terry:  We do clusters of churches, trying to get as many churches as possible from the community to cooperate on a Saturday.  I’ll be doing that this Saturday in Marble, TX.  It shows how John 17 is being fulfilled as churches come together to pray for their cities, praying and working together as the Body of Christ.
Glenn:  What do you find?  Do the numbers grow as churches work together?
Terry: We get good reports of prayer rooms being formed, teams praying for their counties, using maps, praying for civil authorities, for pastors in the city.  We hear back from around the country.  Our goal is to put a prayer room in every church, and encourage an emphasis on praying for their city.
Glenn:  Terry, talk a little about the maps and photos, the practical helps you give people.
Terry:  We teach the value of having a menu where you can choose the way you feel is your best way to pray.  The prayer room has prayer stations, from 6-10.  Each station is important regarding the vision of the church.  In these rooms we now have a monitor displaying the World Methodist Prayer Team, praying for pastors and missionaries around the world.  I just came from Roswell United Methodist Church.  On Sunday morning we put 7 commitments people could pray for in the bulletin.  People came forward with their commitments.  We had 40,678 minutes a day committed to pray.  260 signed up for the prayer room.  I don’t have the commitments in front of me, but it was like “I will spend ___ minutes a day seeking the face of God” … and then added commitments to various prayer items.   This was reported in the church the following Sunday.  One church in North Carolina gave 100 hours a day in commitment to just seek the face of God, not even a prayer room.  I’m excited to see the difference that will make.  It’s a measurable commitment.  We call it Prayer Pledge Sunday, asking for a 3-month commitment. A church in Frankfort, KY didn’t have a prayer room, and leadership didn’t think people would commit to a prayer room, but they pledged 68 hours of prayer a week.
Glenn:  If you don’t have a regular space to pray in, often you won’t pray. There are lots of distractions.
Terry:  We have seen many homes establishing family altar places of prayer in homes.
Glenn:  It’s not easy to establish a prayer room in a church.  People have other ideas about using the rooms.
Terry:  I suggest they ask the pastor to use his office for prayer, and in a few days, a room will be found.
Glenn:  When we cultivate a prayer life, God lays His Word on our hearts.  One of our commands is for unity of the church, and they will begin to think about the big C church – the Church of the City.  
Terry:  It’s about finding his will and then praying his will.  We teach that format, being still long enough to hear what God wants us to pray about, and then praying that.
Glenn:  I know your focus has been on the United Methodist Church, but I also know God has laid it on your heart that the church would come together across all denominations.  How do you encourage that?
Terry:  Jesus said we should raise the dead, so I went to the Methodist church. Why go to an alive church? Some think God is re-digging some of the wells of the church.  The Bible says “honor your mother and father”.  For us, that means the big downtown churches that are our heritage in cities.  They are our fathers and mothers, even though they aren’t as dynamic as we think they should be.  
Glenn:  What advice would you give those on the call today on strengthening their personal prayer life?
Terry:  Don’t pray first; worship first.  Get some tapes, worship him, declaring his mercy, exalting the Lord Jesus. “If you want to get in with the father, praise the Son.” Grace Church in Minneapolis has taught us that – People are coming together for corporate prayer meetings praising him.  
Glenn:  You’re familiar with Daniel Henderson and his book.
Terry:  I keep buying his book, but always give it away, so I can’t keep one.
Glenn:  Daniel is a close friend.  We are planning a prayer meeting for the southwest suburbs that will meet once a month and move from church to church here in the Twin Cities.
Question and Answer:

Mike Jebb, Chicago:  When you were talking about the minutes people were pledging, what percentage of the congregation responds to that?
Terry:  It’s amazing.  I’d say 95%. You include something everyone can do.  Committing to an hour a week in the prayer room is a high one, but being on the pastor’s email prayer list is an easier one.   
Mike:  How can I get that menu?
Terry:  email me:    Talk to the leadership.  Ask, where could we go on this?  Build it from that. You make up your own menu.  I do this at different churches every Sunday.  Pastors are surprised by the response.   We give training.  We tell them they can quit after 3 months, but we’re just kidding.  Term praying gives them a sense of fulfillment, and then we give them the opportunity to commit again.  In our church, we had so many committing to praying in the prayer room that we had to open a second prayer room.  It’s worked in almost every church.  Sometimes we just ask them to commit to seeking the face of God.  Ask them to commit to pray so many minutes a day for you.  We had 61 people in one church who said they would come 20 minutes early and prayer walk the building.  They get up early anyway.

Glenn:  Would you mention 2 things:  Do you have a website?  Give you email address again.
Terry:  The website is <>    We send out an email teaching to everyone who signs up, and they can post prayer requests.  The value of that is most mainline churches have addresses, relationships, and a lineage around the world.  This extends the opportunity around the world.  My vision is that each church has a prayer team.  Each church can have a local version of that, so pastor can put out prayer items, people can post requests, the pastor can send out a teaching on it.  It would operate the same way – any size church can do that.  Some Methodists are so shy they won’t lead in silent prayer.  But they will pray at home.
Glenn:  I believe you are carrying forth the vision of John Wesley.
Terry:  The goal is evangelism.  My heart is prayer evangelism.  This is a tool to do that.
Glenn:  I remember you did something similar to Operation Andrew.  
Terry:  We have a “most wanted list” listing people to pray for, and scriptures relating to that.  It is God’s will that none should perish, so we want people to pray specifically for people they know to come to Christ.
Glenn:  In Cochella Valley, California, 43 churches recently came together and sent out 25,000 bookmarks to members of their churches, and began to create a list of 5 or more folks each person would pray for.  They have a “Go to the Wall” Sunday where they put up names of those they are praying for.  Now they are reporting relatives and friends who have come to Christ.    
Tina, Chicago:  You mentioned a book, The Presence-Based Church.  What is it about?
Terry: The theme is basically the danger of churches becoming consumer-based. We tend to be fanatical about reaching people, where our first responsibility is reaching God.  We need more of Him, not more people.  How can we get God to come to our church and manifest himself? If that happens, we won’t have room for the people.  This book contrasts with the consumer-based church.  Instead of a seeker church, we need to have a Savior centered church.     
Teykl’s ministry resource web page is  The goal is to offer everything people need – call it Prayer-Mart instead of Wal-Mart.
It lists following resources:  
·  Blueprint for the House of Prayer
·  Acts 29
·  Preyed on or Prayed For
·  Making Room to Pray
·  Outside the Camp
·  Praying Grace
·  The Presence Based Church + Study Journal
·  How to Pray After You've Kicked the Dog + Study Journal
·  Mosquito on an Elephant's Rump
·  Pray the Price
Revival is happening in Chile, Korea and other areas of the world.  When we cite answers to prayer around the world we inspire the American church.  In Chili, the average church service is 8 hours; the church there is growing at a 300% annual conversion rate.  Vital Christianity is in the world.  If all we see is what is happening in our own city, we are “circulating in our own stuff in our washing machine.”  We need to see how God is moving in the world.
Glenn mentioned the Global Day of Prayer movement.  Bob Bakke is U.S. Director for that.  He’s working with two key leaders in Dallas, planning a stadium event there.  If anyone is interested, email  There is planning for 10 days of prayer between National and the Global Day of Prayer.   Venues range from high school auditoriums to renting stadiums.  Then plans are moving on to 90 days of blessing after Pentecost, blessing people with acts of compassion.  It should be very significant.
Tina:  Do you have a kit or something to start the prayer room and 3 month thing?
Terry:  The book called “Making Room to Pray” contains what you are asking for.
Mike Jebb:  What is your opinion or knowledge of state of prayer in the American church?
Terry:  It has a wide range, from mainline denomination to charismatic and evangelical.  The prayer movement is consumer based:  What can God do for me?  It’s so humanistic in orientation, so it doesn’t last.  In other cultures, it’s God-based.  In America, it’s basically “God will prosper you if you pray.”   The state of the church in prayer is extremely dismal, in my opinion. For example, look at how much they have in their budget for it, or attendance at corporate prayer meetings and teaching about prayer.  The American church is not like Africa or Korea or other places.     $5 billion has been spent on evangelism in the American church, and size has remained the same. We pay the price, but don’t pray the price. Prayer brings things money can’t buy.  The average church is in a worship crisis.  Worship teams are doing such a good job that people in the pew aren’t worshipping.  They are just watching.  When I ask, “How do you encourage personal passionate worship in personal lives?” they just look at me.  If they wait to go to church to worship, they wait too long.  Pastors don’t worship because they are conducting worship. Their cup is dry.  They are traffic controllers.  Pastors, put on some music and worship God.  In Exodus 33 Moses worshipped God; everyone stood at the entrance of their tents and worshipped, because they saw God come upon their leader.  
Mike:  Does mass media distract?  
Terry: If God wants our attention, he has a hard time getting it.
Glenn:  I just came from a weeklong prayer retreat, and it was quiet.  We had a community of 18, but individual private cabins.  It was an incredible opportunity to contemplate.  When I came back I visited some bookstores, but found it was so loud everywhere we went.
Terry:  I studied the Levites – they were presence keepers in tabernacle worship – they didn’t say anything.  They stood there in silent adoration and worship.  David came along later and introduced music.  
Glenn:  If there are no more questions, you have our email addresses.  Feel free to get in touch with us.  Also check out <>  for more resources.
Several participants on the call shared in a concluding time of prayer.
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